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Funtravel's main objective is to get you up from that couch and encourage you to see the things this wonderful world around you has to offer, and when you make that decision, you have all the details about your next planned destination like: top attractions, essentials to take, roads to choose, hotels to stay and the most important thing food, we will tell you from where you can get that delicious food all these thing in just one place.

Funtravel's is a place where you will find the things you need to take in consideration before you leave for your trip so you can make the most out of it. You can find many helpful destination guides, travel articles, photos, videos, documentaries of many places which I am sure, you will find very helpful.

Funtravel's will make sure that you take some amazing memories with you from your next trip.

This Abbasi Jamia Mosque Derawar is an amazing piece of art situated in the heart of desert near Bahawalpur, Punjab Pakistan. The architecture and its pearl white colour takes your breath away at the very first glance.

Brightly coloured and an influential structure of Noor Mahal situated in Bahawalpur, Punjab Pakistan is one of it's kind built in 1872 belonged to the nawab of Bahawalpur.

The royal graveyard of the Abbasi family is a rare sight to catch. You have to take permission to get inside and if you are lucky enough you will be amazed to see those majestic structures.

From almost seven hundred years Baltit Fort has an watch full eye on Karimabad Hunza. Its impressive structure is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage since 2004 and has some scenic views which you cannot found anywhere else in the more


Cholistan Desert, some people also call it "rohi". Around 30 kilometers away from Bahawalpur, Punjab Pakistan. Many people does not know about this far flung part of Pakistan but it has some amazing things to offer, one of it’s main attraction is Derawar Fort an amazing structure in the heart of the desert. But at night everything changes temperature drops and the star's start to twinkle all over the clear sky, a gentlecold breeze, which make you fell in love with this place.



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